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Underneath explores both the feeling of losing ground and that of finding it again, in focusing on the different notions of foundation and (under)ground. What kind of structures are carrying us, concretely as well as metaphorically ? From which areas emerges the desire to set (down) movement and voice, until gesture and speech appear, in the temporary common space proposed by the piece ?

By this attention given to the physical as much as poetic depths of a surface, a place, a presence, the piece Underneath, proposes a mutation of architectures, with an underground, an overground, and even a horizon. The dancing bodies, intimately connected to the presence of light and sound, travel through the dimensions from which they will stand up and move, negotiating in a subtle and sometimes abrupt way between the vertical and the horizontal, between impetus and sagging, fight and alliance. So as to navigate between stable and unstable, visible and unseen, interiority and exteriority, guided by what seems to be their ground, their land, their anchorage.


Souterrains for the french version

Cast and Partners

Concept Aline Landreau
Performance, voice and text Aline Landreau, Sébastien Chatellier
Music Antoine Monzonis-Calvet
Light Bruno Pocheron, Emese Csornai
Scenography Aline Landreau, Bruno Pocheron
Dramaturgic advice Thomas Schaupp
Costumes and outside eye Marion Montel
Vocal coaching Ute Wassermann

Production Raisa Kröger / M.i.C.A. – DE, Charlotte Giteau & Sandrine Barrasso / Météores – FR
PR Barbara Gstaltmayr
Coproduction Tanzfabrik - funded by Senate of Berlin for Culture and Europe, La Cabine / Le Pad Angers, Honolulu Nantes (FR).
With the support of the city of Nantes, CCNN - National Choreographic Center of Nantes, the Loire Atlantique Department, the Région Pays de la Loire, CNDC Angers, Wiesen.55 Berlin and Fonds Transfabrik – the French-German fund for performing arts.      

24th of November 2017 • GRAND HUIT, Honolulu and CCNN - National choreographic center, Nantes
1st and 2nd of June 2017 • Tanzfabrik Berlin